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C P R for Sales In December – Sales Motivational Speaker Chuck Gallagher

December 13, 2007

O.K. so it’s December, the holidays are upon us, folks have too much to do, and you clients or customers want to wait till the new year to meet with you. Ouch! You last two paychecks have been less than needed. You’re kids want something for Christmas that you just found out about – and as the old saying goes…the older the boy the more expensive the toy (that also applies to girls) – and you sure could use a bonus!

I need help fast. What can I do? My sales need help.

The prescription for a slump in sales – C P R!

C = Calls

When sales are down and yet the need remains the same and the customer base is stable – there is only one solution (and probably one that you won’t want to hear) – but the solution is MAKE MORE CALLS.

The only way to make sales is to make contact with prospective buyers. Regardless of how you make the calls…it still comes back to make the calls. Across the board, when sales are down there is one primary reason – we didn’t make as many calls as are needed. Especially during holiday periods one must make more calls and do more in order to maintain acceptable levels of sales results.

P = Prospecting

Now, I started off talking about calls. Calls are a first step, but the calls need to be to folks who have a reasonable chance of buying in the time frame you need. Your prospecting must be focused. I could make calls to people who may be buyers out in the future – say next spring. Sure enough I would be making calls, but they would be ineffective if I needed the sale now. Therefore, my PROSPECTING needs to be centered around people who “should” buy now.

R = Results

Gary O’Sullivan (quoted in this blog) has said, “Every day you don’t prospect, the next day you must settle for a lesser degree of performance.” Gary is 100% on target. Making calls to effective prospects will always yield results.

When the patient is dying and CPR is administered there are two things that are always present: (1) intensity and (2) frequency. If we are to survive the holidays with sales in tact we must increase our intensity and frequency with CP=R.

Happy selling to you.


Your Goals Define Your Plans – Says Sales Motivational Speaker Chuck Gallagher

December 12, 2007

chuck-web-photo.jpgIt’s often funny the things that happen before a presentation, especially if the participants don’t know the speaker. At times I have the opportunity just to mill about the group striking up random conversations or joining into a group discussion. Amazing what comes up – perhaps we’ll call this the meeting before the meeting. Most of the time there is something said that directly relates to the presentation – and such was the case last week.

In the meeting (before the meeting) I overheard one may say to another, “The most important thing I do is make my plans. I plan my work and work my plan,” he said with a bold confidence. I walked away thinking that – that was a focused individual. Good job.

Then it hit me…plans are fine, but they are meaningless unless they are preceded by a goal. I can plan my work and work my plan all day long, but if the plans aren’t goal driven, then we might be executing the wrong plans. While the keynote presentation was well planned, we took a detour just to make sure that all (mostly experienced sales professionals) knew the sequence – first set the goal – then work the plan.

Unless your plan is helping you achieve some long term objective, you might find it misguided. Plans support goals, and goals are the building blocks for long-term success. The plans you implement for the short term should support day-after-day the long term goals.

Sometimes the more experienced you get the more you might forget or blur the distinction between goals and plans. Most highly successful sales people have clearly defined goals and both short and long term plans to achieve them. Your plans my change slightly to meet changing demands, but they should always support you goals.

Comments are welcome!

Finding the Heart of Sales Success – A Simple Secret Says Sales Motivational Speaker Chuck Gallagher

December 9, 2007


A great friend of mine, professional speaker and author, Gary O’Sullivan, in his book, “Principle Power For Sales Success,” shares a fundamental secret for those who achieve Sales Success consistently.

Gary writes:

A clearly defined purpose is essential in helping you achieve your
goals. Anything you set out to accomplish in the sales process will
require you to deal with failures, disappointments and setbacks. Being
able to overcome these challenges requires a clearly defined purpose.
It is your “why!”

Whether it is your service to others or the things you are trying to achieve
in your personal life, knowing “why” you are doing it give your the power to

Years back, I recall my mentor in sales – David Whitener – visiting at my location. I was the Sales Director and he the VP of Sales. Some of our team members were struggling as we approached the holidays. Sales were lagging and the holidays became the excuse of the day for poor performance.

David, with his commanding presence, calmly addressed our group – speaking as if all was well with the world. He looked at one young man and asked, “What do you suppose the problem is?”

The new sales representative began his litany of excuses. David listened patiently. I, on the other hand, could hardly stay in my seat. Not only had we had declining sales, but here this guy was whining. I couldn’t believe my ears.

David’s next questions set the tone for the turn that was to take place and take place quickly. “Why did you come to work for our company?” The answer was one of the pat answers that most people learn from the interviewing skill section of or some other “how to get the job you want” skill program on the internet.

But David, not happy with his response, probed further. Asking the question in a different way…and then again, in a way other than that, David finally found this young man’s “why.” In that meeting David went on to share with the group a story about his most successful sales person – a middle aged female who outsold everyone else on her team and, in fact, the region. The secret to her success? She clearly knew her “Why!”

As you read this take two actions before you retire tonight:

  1. Answer for yourself, “Why” do you do what you do? Put another way, what is your personal motivation for working? And, in do this simple task, do yourself a favor – don’t give yourself some “pat” answer, like you might give me. Be real with yourself and dig deep to find out what your “WHY” is.

  2. Ask yourself as you review your efforts today, “have I done all I could do to achieve the reasons I work?”

When you tap into the real reason you do what you do – you’ll find that you will have renewed energy to push on toward success. We all have a “why” – the difference between those who are highly successful and those who keep struggling seems to be that the Sales Successful know their “why” and tap into their personal power to succeed.

What’s your “why”? Drop me a comment. Perhaps those comments might help inspire others.

For information about Chuck Gallagher’s sales presentations visit Also, I highly recommend Gary O’Sullivan as a speaker. He brings a authenticity to any presentation he does. I recommend him highly!

Bet You Don’t Know The One Key To Sales Greatness! Sales Motivational Speaker Gallagher Questions?

December 7, 2007

Now I’ve been a Senior Sales Executive for a number of years, running a 40+ million dollars sales organization and speaker to organizations far and wide, and when I was asked this question – before I blurted out a flip answer – I caught myself thinking, “Hum, what is the one key to sales greatness? I’d hate to say the wrong thing?” You know…it would kinda of be embarrassing to say something and then be told I was wrong.


Fortunately, the sales guru, Eloise Owens, ( saved me by rattling off many of the answers she’s heard. Persistence. Prospecting. Caring. Closing. Doing more than the other guy. And the list went on and on. “Well,” I thought to myself, “bet the answers there somewhere.”

As soon as the answers began to die down…Eloise spoke up and said, “All good answers, but none are the one key to sales greatness.” Now by this point I was thinking, “O.K. what are you going to say that will convince me that there is one true answer?” We waited in those split seconds with anticipation wondering what she would say.


While some were waiting for more…some even disappointed that it was not something more profound, Eloise just repeated, “Self-management.”

While others were trying to grasp her comments, it hit me like a ton of bricks (well actually I don’t know what that feels like, nor do I want to). Eloise in here commanding way stated the one thing that I would whole heartedly agree with her on. The best sales people I have ever encountered in my career in sales have all had one common characteristic – self management.

Never have I seen a great, truly great, sales person achieve on a consistent basis without having that one quality – they effectively manage themselves. No one has to hold their hand or micro manage them, they do what must be done, when it must be done, everyday.

As you read this, look back and see if you don’t agree with my friend and mentor – Elosie Owens – for as she says, “In the world of sales…It’s always about Momentum!” And, I’ll add the best way to maintain momentum is to effectively manage yourself.


A Styrofoam Cup and 25 Pennies – Wisdom From Sales Motivational Speaker Chuck Gallagher

December 5, 2007

“What can I do,” the sales counselor asked in exhasberation. “I can’t seem to stay focused on getting my calls made. There are just so many interruptions!”

FAST FACT: In his book, “The Age of Speed” speaker and author Vince Poscente said that on average a person gets interrupted 11 minutes after starting a task. It generally takes 30 minutes to get started again and sometimes one never restarts.

No wonder staying focused on the one thing that you need to focus on is so important and so difficult.

SALES TIP: I’m no different than anyone else in sales. I like to do what I like to do and avoid doing those things that don’t “turn me on” – like making calls – especially cold calls. Yet, if I am to succeed in sales, we all would agree that making those prospecting calls is critical. So here’s a practical idea that worked for me, and I’ve seen work for others.

Step 1: Take a simple styrofoam cup (doesn’t have to be large) and write you name on the outside – claiming it as yours.

Step 2: Place 25 pennies in the cup. (Why pennies? Well, the represent ONE. And, no one will take them cause you can’t use them in a vending machine – just a helpful tidbit)

Step 3: Each morning when you get to your workstation, empty the pennies out in an obvious place somewhere on your workstation.

Step 4: (The last step)! Commit to yourself, for your success and personal benefit, that you will call 25 “true” prospects today, before you leave. Each time you reach a “true” prospect (answering machines and kids don’t count), place a penny back in the cup. When you’ve placed all the pennies back in the cup. YOU’RE FINISHED PROSPECTING!

Sound easy. It is! The only thing it requires is doing it!

What I found is that those people who had a visual reminder of the task at hand were more apt to complete the task. The pennies are kinda like a visual to do list. Further, having something tangible – something you can touch makes the experience more real.

Unless you just love cold calling (and I’ve only met a few people that are turned on by that activity), you need to commit to something that will prompt, help, encourage, push (whatever), you to achieve your sales goals.

I am quite sure that there are sales professionals far better than I, but by using this simple technique when I was in direct sales, I became the #1 performer for the region I was assigned to. I can assure you it was solely a function of my prospecting focus and placing 25 pennies in a cup every day.

CHALLENGE: Try this for one month and then report back. If you’re presentation opportunities don’t increase dramatically…I’d be shocked.

Let me know the results!chuck-web-photo.jpg