Bet You Don’t Know The One Key To Sales Greatness! Sales Motivational Speaker Gallagher Questions?

Now I’ve been a Senior Sales Executive for a number of years, running a 40+ million dollars sales organization and speaker to organizations far and wide, and when I was asked this question – before I blurted out a flip answer – I caught myself thinking, “Hum, what is the one key to sales greatness? I’d hate to say the wrong thing?” You know…it would kinda of be embarrassing to say something and then be told I was wrong.


Fortunately, the sales guru, Eloise Owens, ( saved me by rattling off many of the answers she’s heard. Persistence. Prospecting. Caring. Closing. Doing more than the other guy. And the list went on and on. “Well,” I thought to myself, “bet the answers there somewhere.”

As soon as the answers began to die down…Eloise spoke up and said, “All good answers, but none are the one key to sales greatness.” Now by this point I was thinking, “O.K. what are you going to say that will convince me that there is one true answer?” We waited in those split seconds with anticipation wondering what she would say.


While some were waiting for more…some even disappointed that it was not something more profound, Eloise just repeated, “Self-management.”

While others were trying to grasp her comments, it hit me like a ton of bricks (well actually I don’t know what that feels like, nor do I want to). Eloise in here commanding way stated the one thing that I would whole heartedly agree with her on. The best sales people I have ever encountered in my career in sales have all had one common characteristic – self management.

Never have I seen a great, truly great, sales person achieve on a consistent basis without having that one quality – they effectively manage themselves. No one has to hold their hand or micro manage them, they do what must be done, when it must be done, everyday.

As you read this, look back and see if you don’t agree with my friend and mentor – Elosie Owens – for as she says, “In the world of sales…It’s always about Momentum!” And, I’ll add the best way to maintain momentum is to effectively manage yourself.



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