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Sales Success? How to Negotiate Difficult Times! Part 1 of 5 by Sales Speaker Chuck Gallagher

June 7, 2008

Success in any venture requires hard work, focus, tenacity – it requires more than just being in the right place at the right time. There have been times when it was difficult to fail and most of us, with some years of experience, have seen those times. Then there are times when people believe it is difficult to succeed. Those are the times when average are separated from the good and the good are separated from the great. The fact is – success, whether in sales or any form of business, will come to those who apply success principles on a consistent basis.

This series helps to identify how to sell what you want, to whom you want, when you want. The concept is simple – the application requires work.

SALES SUCCESS SECRET! O.K, I wish I could claim credit for this jewel, but alas – just like most of the readers I was taught this too. –Every sale that is made is in its truest form based on emotion– and there are five buying motives that underly every purchase or sale.

BUYING MOTIVE #1: PRIDE – Of the five buying motives “pride” tends to stand out as the primary catalyst for the purchase or sale of items which consistently fall into the luxury market or market trend arena. Certainly, not every person or organization makes their respective buying decision based on any one buying motive. However, the emotional side of the sale is tied to the underlying emotion represented by the buying motive.

Regardless of the economic times, it seems that the luxury market seems to do well. On the surface it is argued that the wealthy have more disposable income from which to make their purchases. At times that may be true, but it doesn’t cause them to spend it or make purchases. In order for the sale to be made the successful sales person must first evaluate what motivates the purchase.

“Pride” is not an emotional factor limited to the affluent. “Pride” is an emotional state that will cause any purchaser to take action if their purchase trigger point is activated by “pride” as an emotional need.

So, how will I know “pride?”

Easy…”pride” is usually the easiest to spot as it manifests visually most of the time. A person (purchaser in our case) who is proud usually displays “pride” thought outward appearance. Examples: (1) there car is always clean; (2) the exterior of their home (regardless of value) is presented in a neat manner – manicured hedges, edged drive way, etc.; and (3) regardless of how much their clothing costs, they appearance is neat and they respond favorably to comments to that effect.

As a sales executive and national speaker the key to success in sales – especially in trying times – is to understand the five buying motives and apply them to achieve Sales Success.

Chuck Gallagher – Sales Motivational Speaker – signing off with Part 1…


Sales Success Myths Exploded – Motivational Sales Speaker Chuck Gallagher Comments…

June 6, 2008

As a sales executive for a public company and motivational sales speaker, I find that regardless of what company or where I speak, I find certain myths to be alive and well in the hallowed halls of “success.”  The problem is – many of the myths make you believe that you can follow a simple formula and be guaranteed of success.  That’s not true.  So…let’s discuss some of the most common myths and explode what is true!

Myth #1:  VISUALIZATION IS THE KEY TO DREAMS BECOMING A REALITY!  It is true, “visualization” is powerful.  The process helps to bring focus and clarity to your mind so you can create the outcome you desire.  However, “visualization” alone won’t make anything happen.  For example, you can visualize winning the lottery, but if you don’t buy a ticket – it just won’t happen.  Here’s the truth – you dramatically increase the power of visualization when you not only see what you want, but also create an action list that accompanies the desired outcome.

Suggestion:  Create a visualization board that shows in detail what your desired outcome will look like.  Then, create a simple “one item” action item to do list – and make sure that you do or accomplish at least one thing on your action item list weekly.  Soon you’ll find that not only are your moving closer to seeing the reality of your desired outcome, but by taking structured action, you’ll find it happens more quickly.

Myth #2:  IF IT’S TO BE, IT’S UP TO ME!  Well, I wonder how many times I have heard that and used that in a presentation.  There is truth to the fact that it is up to you to put forth the action necessary to achieve.  However, achieving isn’t all about personal performance.  One of the best examples I’ve seen happened just a week or two ago.  My son came home from his junior year in college seeking a summer job.  I suggested that we put together a strategy to leverage his and my contacts to get what he was seeking.  Of course, dad doesn’t know anything.  So, instead of working his relationships, he started out by walking in, stating his position (I’m seeking a job), and asked for an application.  To his dismay, he got the application and that’s all.

OUTCOME: Now I must say, I admire his drive and determination.  However, he also learned that drive and determination can be much more effective if you leverage your relationships.  Finally, he heard me when I shared with him that get more of what you want by working with who you know, not just by what you know.  The next week, after a call or two, he got in the door.  He got the job because of what he knew.  He got in the door because of connections.

As a sales motivational speaker, there are many Sales Success Myths…and in future entries we’ll explode more.  For now, consider visualizing what you want, taking action and leveraging your relationships in order to achieve SUCCESS.


New Manager – 5 Key Steps to Success

June 6, 2008

You dream of success! Instead of being the one managed, you dream of being the manager. Then one day, due to your focus and accomplishment (or maybe somebody unexpectedly quit) – either way, you’re tapped on the shoulder – you’re named the manager. Great! Then what?

Those last two words represent a profound question and are often the two words that can define failure or success. Sure, there are consultants, speakers, lots of books, bunches of articles, and many seminars on leadership and management. But do they really understand what you’re facing?

Do all of those glossy, $30 hardback books at Barnes and Noble have the answer. Do they really know the obstacles you face and how difficult it is to make this transition?

Having conducted seminars and worked with corporate executives and managers for many years – big companies and small – I can speak from experience. Each time you step up the food chain you’ll face the same challenges.

Here are 5 simple success tips that can help with this transition:

1. Understand on the front end, you are not prepared. More times than not, the opportunity comes before you are given all the training needed to truly succeed. In fact, there’s a good chance that the reason you were chosen is the belief that you can figure it out and succeed. Therefore, understand that you are in a new role – take it seriously.
2. In the book, 13 Fatal Errors that Manager’s Make – one rule that must be followed is – Be a Boss, not a Buddy. By setting boundaries you are establishing a framework for your success. Your new role requires different responsibilities and with that comes a new way of being. Hanging out with those you manage is a fatal error. Success comes from respecting the role and acting accordingly.
3. Associated with #2 – get out of the gossip loop, the coffee/social breaks, don’t hang out with the folks at the after work happy hours. The reason that companies often bring in outside managers is that they have no relationships and have no habits to break. Break social habits and pave the way for success.
4. Listen. Ask questions. Be interested and know that those you manage often have the answers, it’s up to the successful manager to find them. A good listener dramatically increases the likelihood of success.
5. The last and perhaps the most important – and one that our Dallas Blue members should know – leverage your relationships. The most successful people are those who know the value of building and maintaining relationships. You may be brilliant, but most often it is not what you know but who you know that makes the difference between fair performance and success.

Want to succeed? Great, then recognize that success is the consistent application of learned behavior designed to get a positive result on a predictable basis. Simply decide you want to succeed, set your course and take the steps necessary to create your success. Remember – every choice has a consequence and the choices you make today are the very same choices that shape your future.

Sales Motivational Speaker – Chuck Gallagher – signing off…