Sales Success Myths Exploded – Motivational Sales Speaker Chuck Gallagher Comments…

As a sales executive for a public company and motivational sales speaker, I find that regardless of what company or where I speak, I find certain myths to be alive and well in the hallowed halls of “success.”  The problem is – many of the myths make you believe that you can follow a simple formula and be guaranteed of success.  That’s not true.  So…let’s discuss some of the most common myths and explode what is true!

Myth #1:  VISUALIZATION IS THE KEY TO DREAMS BECOMING A REALITY!  It is true, “visualization” is powerful.  The process helps to bring focus and clarity to your mind so you can create the outcome you desire.  However, “visualization” alone won’t make anything happen.  For example, you can visualize winning the lottery, but if you don’t buy a ticket – it just won’t happen.  Here’s the truth – you dramatically increase the power of visualization when you not only see what you want, but also create an action list that accompanies the desired outcome.

Suggestion:  Create a visualization board that shows in detail what your desired outcome will look like.  Then, create a simple “one item” action item to do list – and make sure that you do or accomplish at least one thing on your action item list weekly.  Soon you’ll find that not only are your moving closer to seeing the reality of your desired outcome, but by taking structured action, you’ll find it happens more quickly.

Myth #2:  IF IT’S TO BE, IT’S UP TO ME!  Well, I wonder how many times I have heard that and used that in a presentation.  There is truth to the fact that it is up to you to put forth the action necessary to achieve.  However, achieving isn’t all about personal performance.  One of the best examples I’ve seen happened just a week or two ago.  My son came home from his junior year in college seeking a summer job.  I suggested that we put together a strategy to leverage his and my contacts to get what he was seeking.  Of course, dad doesn’t know anything.  So, instead of working his relationships, he started out by walking in, stating his position (I’m seeking a job), and asked for an application.  To his dismay, he got the application and that’s all.

OUTCOME: Now I must say, I admire his drive and determination.  However, he also learned that drive and determination can be much more effective if you leverage your relationships.  Finally, he heard me when I shared with him that get more of what you want by working with who you know, not just by what you know.  The next week, after a call or two, he got in the door.  He got the job because of what he knew.  He got in the door because of connections.

As a sales motivational speaker, there are many Sales Success Myths…and in future entries we’ll explode more.  For now, consider visualizing what you want, taking action and leveraging your relationships in order to achieve SUCCESS.



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One Response to “Sales Success Myths Exploded – Motivational Sales Speaker Chuck Gallagher Comments…”

  1. Shane Gibson - Sales Speaker Says:


    Great points. The Visualization concept is often dumbed down too much. Momentum (action) creates a magnetism as well. Your comment on doing one thing a day to move forward is really key.

    Shane Gibson

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