Sales Success? How to Negotiate Difficult Times! Part 1 of 5 by Sales Speaker Chuck Gallagher

Success in any venture requires hard work, focus, tenacity – it requires more than just being in the right place at the right time. There have been times when it was difficult to fail and most of us, with some years of experience, have seen those times. Then there are times when people believe it is difficult to succeed. Those are the times when average are separated from the good and the good are separated from the great. The fact is – success, whether in sales or any form of business, will come to those who apply success principles on a consistent basis.

This series helps to identify how to sell what you want, to whom you want, when you want. The concept is simple – the application requires work.

SALES SUCCESS SECRET! O.K, I wish I could claim credit for this jewel, but alas – just like most of the readers I was taught this too. –Every sale that is made is in its truest form based on emotion– and there are five buying motives that underly every purchase or sale.

BUYING MOTIVE #1: PRIDE – Of the five buying motives “pride” tends to stand out as the primary catalyst for the purchase or sale of items which consistently fall into the luxury market or market trend arena. Certainly, not every person or organization makes their respective buying decision based on any one buying motive. However, the emotional side of the sale is tied to the underlying emotion represented by the buying motive.

Regardless of the economic times, it seems that the luxury market seems to do well. On the surface it is argued that the wealthy have more disposable income from which to make their purchases. At times that may be true, but it doesn’t cause them to spend it or make purchases. In order for the sale to be made the successful sales person must first evaluate what motivates the purchase.

“Pride” is not an emotional factor limited to the affluent. “Pride” is an emotional state that will cause any purchaser to take action if their purchase trigger point is activated by “pride” as an emotional need.

So, how will I know “pride?”

Easy…”pride” is usually the easiest to spot as it manifests visually most of the time. A person (purchaser in our case) who is proud usually displays “pride” thought outward appearance. Examples: (1) there car is always clean; (2) the exterior of their home (regardless of value) is presented in a neat manner – manicured hedges, edged drive way, etc.; and (3) regardless of how much their clothing costs, they appearance is neat and they respond favorably to comments to that effect.

As a sales executive and national speaker the key to success in sales – especially in trying times – is to understand the five buying motives and apply them to achieve Sales Success.

Chuck Gallagher – Sales Motivational Speaker – signing off with Part 1…


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