Dr Joe Dispenza Pt 2/7 – “The Science of Changing Your Mind’ ‘ ‘Conversations with Robyn’ – Success Masters Video Series

The brain is an organ with around 100 billion neurons, and each neuron is like a computer. The mind is the brain in action. At 23, a car sent Joe toppling off his bike during a triathlon, causing multiple fractures to his vertebrae. He was told his only hope of walking again was to fuse some of the vertebrae in an operation that would leave him with a lifetime of pain and limited mobility.
Joe knew enough about spinal health and his own post-accident physical state to take a remarkable risk. He refused the operation and, along with a careful therapeutic program, Joe literally thought his way to healing. Three months later, Joe was able to walk and function as well as he had before the accident. He credits a large amount of that recovery to the power of his own mind.


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