Dr Joe Dispenza Pt 5/7 – ‘The healing Power of Mind/Body Connection ‘Conversations with Robyn’ – Success Masters Video Series

In this clip Joe shares how, at 23, a car toppled him off his bike during a triathlon, causing multiple fractures to his vertebrae. He was told his only hope of walking again was to fuse some of the vertebrae in an operation that would leave him with a lifetime of pain & limited mobility.
At age 12 Joe was interested in the brain and various eastern beliefs, which are now considered main stream. At age 15, while studying yoga & being very academic, he was introduced to chiropractic philosophy & teachings. He studied biochemistry, received his Doctor of Chiropractic Degree at Life University in Atlanta, Georgia, graduating magna cum laud, and did postgraduate training, continuing education in neurology, neurophysiology, & brain function.


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