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Sales Master Video Series – Jeffrey Gitomer – Two Most Important Words in Sales

September 20, 2011

At times we make the art of selling complicated.  Perhaps that is done to sell books or training, but in reality selling, as a art, is not complicated.  Jeffrey Gitomer is a world class speaker and trainer.  Many who attend his workshops leave with a clearer understanding of what they need to do and apply his principles to great sales success.  While the video may be short, the content is well worth your time.



The most important words in selling – Jeffrey Gitomer’s shares his insights…

September 8, 2011

Jeffrey Gitomer is a sales leader and one of the most sought after sales speakers in the country…  In this video he shares his sales secrets as it relates to the “two most important words in selling.”   Take a look and share your comments following –

What do you think are the two most important words in selling?  Do you agree with Jeffrey or would you add some to the list yourself?


Finding the Power of using Questions in the sales process…

August 28, 2011

Carolina’s NSA Chapter national speaker – Jeffrey Gitomer shares his insights on the power of using questions in the sales process.  Listen to this short video and ask yourself – what questions are you developing that improve your sales results?

Jeffrey is right, the use of questions dramatically improves the power of your sales ability!  Write down for your product or service 5 questions that you think your competition won’t ask.  Remember them and use them – and watch your sales increase dramatically.

Finding your Positive Mental Attitude…

August 28, 2011

How do you find that state of mind – the state of mind for a Positive Mental Attitude?  Jeffrey Gitomer shares in his video which is shared below:

As you watch the video – write down the list that Jeffrey shares and if you apply, you’ll receive the value that is contained in this short video!  It works – I’m speaking from experience!

Sales Tips – Finding that Diamond in the Rough!

August 18, 2011

Practical sales tips by sales expert – Jeffrey Gitomer. Jeffrey and I are both members of the Carolina’s Chapter of the National Speaker’s Association and I know from personal experience that Jeffrey is passionate about helping folks become better in sales!  Here are some of his tips…one of which could change your day!  Enjoy!

After watching this short vid… if you have sales tips you wish to share here on Sales Success 101 – feel free to comment!