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Evaluate Where You Are – Zig Ziglar story provides inspiration to Greatness

September 10, 2011

No doubt one of the most popular and profound speakers in modern time – Zig Ziglar makes the video series telling through story how to find greatness by evaluating where you are right now!

Watch and learn…



The Success Two-Step: Sales Trainer Chuck Gallagher Defines this Dance!

August 16, 2011

Well, as a group of Texan’s, we (at least most of us) are familiar with the Texas Two Step. Maybe we can’t do the dance, but – at least we’ve heard of it. For successful people there is a similar numerical equation that is the mantra for success folks. I’ll call it the Success Two Step (plus).

Now, the average person will find that take one step forward and end up taking two steps back. You hear excuse after excuse for why they don’t have successful results. Gas it too high, the economy is stagnant, money is tight, and the excuses go on and on. That is not the standard for success.

Successful people do what unsuccessful people don’t or won’t. Regardless of the situation, successful people are always moving forward – taking steps forward. Sure, we all find that circumstances or situations provide challenges. This is true for everyone. But, successful people view the challenge as an opportunity to find an effective solution and that is one key foundation for success.

So then next time you look in the mirror or hear yourself talk – ask yourself this, are you taking two-steps forward and one step back? As long as the success dance has more forward than back…you’ll find that regardless of circumstances your success will be assured.

Chuck Gallagher – Sales Trainer – signing off…

Sales Success? How to Negotiate Difficult Times! Part 1 of 5 by Sales Speaker Chuck Gallagher

June 7, 2008

Success in any venture requires hard work, focus, tenacity – it requires more than just being in the right place at the right time. There have been times when it was difficult to fail and most of us, with some years of experience, have seen those times. Then there are times when people believe it is difficult to succeed. Those are the times when average are separated from the good and the good are separated from the great. The fact is – success, whether in sales or any form of business, will come to those who apply success principles on a consistent basis.

This series helps to identify how to sell what you want, to whom you want, when you want. The concept is simple – the application requires work.

SALES SUCCESS SECRET! O.K, I wish I could claim credit for this jewel, but alas – just like most of the readers I was taught this too. –Every sale that is made is in its truest form based on emotion– and there are five buying motives that underly every purchase or sale.

BUYING MOTIVE #1: PRIDE – Of the five buying motives “pride” tends to stand out as the primary catalyst for the purchase or sale of items which consistently fall into the luxury market or market trend arena. Certainly, not every person or organization makes their respective buying decision based on any one buying motive. However, the emotional side of the sale is tied to the underlying emotion represented by the buying motive.

Regardless of the economic times, it seems that the luxury market seems to do well. On the surface it is argued that the wealthy have more disposable income from which to make their purchases. At times that may be true, but it doesn’t cause them to spend it or make purchases. In order for the sale to be made the successful sales person must first evaluate what motivates the purchase.

“Pride” is not an emotional factor limited to the affluent. “Pride” is an emotional state that will cause any purchaser to take action if their purchase trigger point is activated by “pride” as an emotional need.

So, how will I know “pride?”

Easy…”pride” is usually the easiest to spot as it manifests visually most of the time. A person (purchaser in our case) who is proud usually displays “pride” thought outward appearance. Examples: (1) there car is always clean; (2) the exterior of their home (regardless of value) is presented in a neat manner – manicured hedges, edged drive way, etc.; and (3) regardless of how much their clothing costs, they appearance is neat and they respond favorably to comments to that effect.

As a sales executive and national speaker the key to success in sales – especially in trying times – is to understand the five buying motives and apply them to achieve Sales Success.

Chuck Gallagher – Sales Motivational Speaker – signing off with Part 1…

Sales Success Myths Exploded – Motivational Sales Speaker Chuck Gallagher Comments…

June 6, 2008

As a sales executive for a public company and motivational sales speaker, I find that regardless of what company or where I speak, I find certain myths to be alive and well in the hallowed halls of “success.”  The problem is – many of the myths make you believe that you can follow a simple formula and be guaranteed of success.  That’s not true.  So…let’s discuss some of the most common myths and explode what is true!

Myth #1:  VISUALIZATION IS THE KEY TO DREAMS BECOMING A REALITY!  It is true, “visualization” is powerful.  The process helps to bring focus and clarity to your mind so you can create the outcome you desire.  However, “visualization” alone won’t make anything happen.  For example, you can visualize winning the lottery, but if you don’t buy a ticket – it just won’t happen.  Here’s the truth – you dramatically increase the power of visualization when you not only see what you want, but also create an action list that accompanies the desired outcome.

Suggestion:  Create a visualization board that shows in detail what your desired outcome will look like.  Then, create a simple “one item” action item to do list – and make sure that you do or accomplish at least one thing on your action item list weekly.  Soon you’ll find that not only are your moving closer to seeing the reality of your desired outcome, but by taking structured action, you’ll find it happens more quickly.

Myth #2:  IF IT’S TO BE, IT’S UP TO ME!  Well, I wonder how many times I have heard that and used that in a presentation.  There is truth to the fact that it is up to you to put forth the action necessary to achieve.  However, achieving isn’t all about personal performance.  One of the best examples I’ve seen happened just a week or two ago.  My son came home from his junior year in college seeking a summer job.  I suggested that we put together a strategy to leverage his and my contacts to get what he was seeking.  Of course, dad doesn’t know anything.  So, instead of working his relationships, he started out by walking in, stating his position (I’m seeking a job), and asked for an application.  To his dismay, he got the application and that’s all.

OUTCOME: Now I must say, I admire his drive and determination.  However, he also learned that drive and determination can be much more effective if you leverage your relationships.  Finally, he heard me when I shared with him that get more of what you want by working with who you know, not just by what you know.  The next week, after a call or two, he got in the door.  He got the job because of what he knew.  He got in the door because of connections.

As a sales motivational speaker, there are many Sales Success Myths…and in future entries we’ll explode more.  For now, consider visualizing what you want, taking action and leveraging your relationships in order to achieve SUCCESS.


New Manager – 5 Key Steps to Success

June 6, 2008

You dream of success! Instead of being the one managed, you dream of being the manager. Then one day, due to your focus and accomplishment (or maybe somebody unexpectedly quit) – either way, you’re tapped on the shoulder – you’re named the manager. Great! Then what?

Those last two words represent a profound question and are often the two words that can define failure or success. Sure, there are consultants, speakers, lots of books, bunches of articles, and many seminars on leadership and management. But do they really understand what you’re facing?

Do all of those glossy, $30 hardback books at Barnes and Noble have the answer. Do they really know the obstacles you face and how difficult it is to make this transition?

Having conducted seminars and worked with corporate executives and managers for many years – big companies and small – I can speak from experience. Each time you step up the food chain you’ll face the same challenges.

Here are 5 simple success tips that can help with this transition:

1. Understand on the front end, you are not prepared. More times than not, the opportunity comes before you are given all the training needed to truly succeed. In fact, there’s a good chance that the reason you were chosen is the belief that you can figure it out and succeed. Therefore, understand that you are in a new role – take it seriously.
2. In the book, 13 Fatal Errors that Manager’s Make – one rule that must be followed is – Be a Boss, not a Buddy. By setting boundaries you are establishing a framework for your success. Your new role requires different responsibilities and with that comes a new way of being. Hanging out with those you manage is a fatal error. Success comes from respecting the role and acting accordingly.
3. Associated with #2 – get out of the gossip loop, the coffee/social breaks, don’t hang out with the folks at the after work happy hours. The reason that companies often bring in outside managers is that they have no relationships and have no habits to break. Break social habits and pave the way for success.
4. Listen. Ask questions. Be interested and know that those you manage often have the answers, it’s up to the successful manager to find them. A good listener dramatically increases the likelihood of success.
5. The last and perhaps the most important – and one that our Dallas Blue members should know – leverage your relationships. The most successful people are those who know the value of building and maintaining relationships. You may be brilliant, but most often it is not what you know but who you know that makes the difference between fair performance and success.

Want to succeed? Great, then recognize that success is the consistent application of learned behavior designed to get a positive result on a predictable basis. Simply decide you want to succeed, set your course and take the steps necessary to create your success. Remember – every choice has a consequence and the choices you make today are the very same choices that shape your future.

Sales Motivational Speaker – Chuck Gallagher – signing off…

Practice Makes Perfect! Just Ask The Pros… Unexpected Sales Lessons From The US Open Says Chuck Gallagher

January 16, 2008


Preparing to enter Long Island University on a golf scholarship, my son suggested that we volunteer at the US Open so he could get a taste of what a major tournament was like. “Pretty creative,” I thought. So we signed up and not long thereafter we were headed to New York for what turned out to be an interesting learning experience.

One the second day of the practice round I began to notice something that started me thinking. It seemed that there were two types of professional golfers. One group (of course professionals – as they were at the US Open) seemed to enjoy the crowd. They were the ones who took the time to sign autographs and chat with the spectators. Sure they practiced, but their minds seemed to be more on the folks around, the adoration they received and the 19th hole, than it was in the game.

The second group – well – they were different. They were hard to catch up to and seemed to be aloof – to ignore the crowd. They were focused and intense. In fact, one was Tiger Woods. Each hole of the practice round he studied intensely and, of course, a crowd followed hoping to get a nod or autograph of the great – Tiger. But no, Tiger didn’t see them. To him the crowd was the same as trees…just something there but of no consequence.

I’ll never forget one man who broke away from the crowd in disgust saying, “That Tiger, he’s just an… (well I won’t mention the words he used, but they weren’t nice).

O.K. Chuck – nice little golf story, but how does that relate to sales? Ahhh….good question.

Well, the first group of golfers were good, at least good enough to play or attempt to make the cut. However, they weren’t and never will be the best or real contenders to win. They are in it for the show, for the endorsements, but they are committed to win – they didn’t take the time to truly practice.

On the other hand, that select group that focused on true practice – the ones who generally ignored the crowd – they were the ones to watch, cause they were the ones who truly had a chance at winning.

It’s much like that in sales. The sales person who goes to training, makes the cut and sells, will do alright. Likely, however, they will never be the best. They won’t be the ones getting the annual reward for top achiever. They’ll just make a basic living selling something from time to time.

On the other hand, the top performers understand that in order to be the best you have to be sharp – you have to be at the top of your game to win. Practice does make perfect. When Tiger Woods steps up to receive his reward for winning a major tournament, it isn’t because of his natural abilities, it’s the result of lots of practice.

Are you taking the time out daily to practice – to hone your selling skills so that when the time comes to present you’ll be ready to close the sale?

Most people don’t or won’t take the time out to practice – to prepare – will you?

The Secret Power of 25! By Sales Motivational Speaker Chuck Gallagher

January 15, 2008

Here’s a question: Are you earning the kind of income you want to need to support the lifestyle you desire?


Each week, as a Sales Executive and Motivational Speaker, I have folks in sales approach me and ask advice about what to do to increase sales. Regardless of location, someone wants to improve their income. The problem is, while many want to improve their income, few want to improve their performance.

But they all want an answer!

So, knowing that a sales motivational speaker must be a guru or at least have the inside track – I ask, “Do you know about the secret power of 25?” If I must say so myself, what a great question.

Their response? “No. Never heard of it!”

“Really! Surprised you didn’t get that in your initial training. Are you sure you don’t know?” Now by this time the curiosity is rising, which is good – cause if you are going to learn something you have to have enough interest to remember – otherwise, you haven’t learned.

Now a good friend of mine – Gary O’Sullivan stated, “Prospecting must become a habit and a scheduled part of every day. It is important to add to you prospect based every day, because ever day your prospect list is bing depleted. Every day you want to have more people to talk to than you did the day before.”

So – here’s the Secret Power of 25. Follow these simple steps with ZERO deviations and I promise you’ll increase you selling, your income, and your effectiveness in your sales role.

Step 1: On MONDAY of each week send out (mail) 25 solicitation letters. Yes, that means “snail mail.” Hand address the envelopes and include with each letter one of your business cards.

Step 2: On WEDNESDAY do the same thing! No deviations – 25 letters, hand addressed with business cards.

Step 3: On FRIDAY do the same thing! Get it?

Step 1A: On WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY – call (yes, using the phone) the 25 people whom you mailed letters to on Monday. Do not stop until you have made direct contact with those 25 people. Well, gee Chuck what do I say? Hum…what about, “I sent you a letter and I wish to follow up. Did you receive it?” Then proceed to discuss with them why it is in their best interest to visit with you about your product or service.

Step 2A: On Friday/Saturday/Sunday – call the 25 people you mailed letters to on Wednesday. By the way, a great time to call – especially if you’re doing individual sales is Sunday afternoon around 2:30 p.m. Why…folks don’t expect it so their guard is down and hence they are more open to the call. Plus often they will set the appointment just to get you off the phone. (Now, I didn’t say it was pretty, but it is effective).

Step 3A: On Monday and Tuesday – call the 25 folks you mailed letters to on Friday.

Ahh…the Secret!

Follow these steps without fail for one full month. It’s almost like a waltz – Mail, Call, Call – Mail, Call, Call – Mail, Call, Call (O.K., now you get the picture).

Why Does It Work?

Two reasons: (1) You are taking positive action. Not only are you getting your name in front of your potential customers, but you have given them your business card/contact information. Even if they are not ready to buy from you today, you have improved your odds of a future sale dramatically due to your action(s); and (2) your actions are the first step to creating a habit and habits (well good ones) yield positive results.

Gary says, “Every day you don’t prospect, the next day you must settle for a lesser degree of performance.”

I agree! So The Secret Power of 25 is really simple. Adopt a structured system of consistent prospecting and do that for 5 consecutive weeks and you’ll be amazed at the results.

My guarantee…for the people under my leadership I have made this offer. Do exactly what I outline for 5 consecutive weeks and if you don’t have a measurable increase in your sales I’ll pay you a $250 bonus just for your trouble.

Wow, Chuck – so how much have you had to pay out?

ZERO! Yep, not a dime, cause one of two things will happen: (1) you will do the program – make more money – actually a lot more – and you won’t want to quit; or (2) you’ll find that the discipline is just too demanding and quit. I don’t mean the program, I mean quit sales in general cause you aren’t committed to your personal success.

Are you willing to access the POWER OF 25?

If you elect to use this – let me know just how much of an improvement you achieve in your sales.

Meanwhile, Happy Sales To You!

A Styrofoam Cup and 25 Pennies – Wisdom From Sales Motivational Speaker Chuck Gallagher

December 5, 2007

“What can I do,” the sales counselor asked in exhasberation. “I can’t seem to stay focused on getting my calls made. There are just so many interruptions!”

FAST FACT: In his book, “The Age of Speed” speaker and author Vince Poscente said that on average a person gets interrupted 11 minutes after starting a task. It generally takes 30 minutes to get started again and sometimes one never restarts.

No wonder staying focused on the one thing that you need to focus on is so important and so difficult.

SALES TIP: I’m no different than anyone else in sales. I like to do what I like to do and avoid doing those things that don’t “turn me on” – like making calls – especially cold calls. Yet, if I am to succeed in sales, we all would agree that making those prospecting calls is critical. So here’s a practical idea that worked for me, and I’ve seen work for others.

Step 1: Take a simple styrofoam cup (doesn’t have to be large) and write you name on the outside – claiming it as yours.

Step 2: Place 25 pennies in the cup. (Why pennies? Well, the represent ONE. And, no one will take them cause you can’t use them in a vending machine – just a helpful tidbit)

Step 3: Each morning when you get to your workstation, empty the pennies out in an obvious place somewhere on your workstation.

Step 4: (The last step)! Commit to yourself, for your success and personal benefit, that you will call 25 “true” prospects today, before you leave. Each time you reach a “true” prospect (answering machines and kids don’t count), place a penny back in the cup. When you’ve placed all the pennies back in the cup. YOU’RE FINISHED PROSPECTING!

Sound easy. It is! The only thing it requires is doing it!

What I found is that those people who had a visual reminder of the task at hand were more apt to complete the task. The pennies are kinda like a visual to do list. Further, having something tangible – something you can touch makes the experience more real.

Unless you just love cold calling (and I’ve only met a few people that are turned on by that activity), you need to commit to something that will prompt, help, encourage, push (whatever), you to achieve your sales goals.

I am quite sure that there are sales professionals far better than I, but by using this simple technique when I was in direct sales, I became the #1 performer for the region I was assigned to. I can assure you it was solely a function of my prospecting focus and placing 25 pennies in a cup every day.

CHALLENGE: Try this for one month and then report back. If you’re presentation opportunities don’t increase dramatically…I’d be shocked.

Let me know the results!chuck-web-photo.jpg